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Op-Ed: Big Revenue from ‘April Surprise’ No Excuse to Punt on Bold Action

An ‘April Surprise’ would be a one-time bump in revenue and should be treated as such.

Op-Ed: DREAMers Need Real Tuition Equality

New Jersey’s undocumented students are part of our community, and they deserve a better shot at success.

Op-Ed: Tax Law Requires More Than ‘SALT Cap’ Workarounds

The new law opens doors to even greater concentration of wealth and will likely lead to to deep cuts to public services.

Op-Ed: How to Counter the GOP Tax Plan with Bold Action

With new federal tax cuts favoring the wealthiest it’s time to make tax changes of our own.

Op-Ed: Why Unauthorized Immigrants Should Be Permitted to Drive Legally

New Jersey should become the 13th state to adopt this common-sense policy.