Friday Facts and Figures

A weekly newsletter focusing on data points from NJPP reports, research, and policy debates in New Jersey and beyond.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 12, 2019

Tax abatements are squeezing Camden’s budget. Another company failed to disclose info in tax subsidy application.

Friday Facts and Fireworks: July 5, 2019

Four facts on the budget to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Friday Facts and Figures: June 28, 2019

Governor announces no shutdown. Line-item vetoes to the Legislature’s budget are expected.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 21, 2019

Legislature passes a budget without a millionaires tax and corporate subsidy extension without reforms.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 14, 2019

Another corporation caught providing false info to the EDA. Lawmakers vote to extend subsidy programs without reforms.