Friday Facts and Figures

A weekly newsletter focusing on data points from NJPP reports, research, and policy debates in New Jersey and beyond.

Friday Facts and Figures: April 24, 2020

Unemployment continues to skyrocket. New Jersey needs much more federal aid.

Friday Facts and Figures: April 17, 2020

New Jersey is looking to borrow billions to cover COVID-19 budget shortfalls. This crisis justifies, if not demands, such a move.

Friday Facts and Figures: April 10, 2020

Senate to vote on COVID-19 response package this Monday, including bill to reduce child poverty.

Friday Facts and Figures: April 3, 2020

Local health departments lack the staff and resources to adequately respond to COVID-19.

Friday Facts and Figures: March 27, 2020

Record-number of workers file for unemployment due to COVID-19. Federal representatives reach compromise on stimulus package.