Friday Facts and Figures: September 18, 2020

Deal reached on millionaires tax, but there is still much more work to done to advance racial equity and economic justice.

Proposed Regulations Threaten Driver’s License Expansion Law

The state Motor Vehicle Commission recently proposed regulations that would impose unreasonable burdens on many driver’s license applicants.

NJPP: At Last! Deal on Millionaires Tax Makes New Jersey’s Tax Code A Lot Fairer

New Jersey’s tax code just got a lot fairer with the budget deal announced by Governor Murphy and legislative leadership.

Taxing High Speed Financial Transactions: An Answer to New Jersey’s Fiscal Crisis?

A financial transactions tax has the potential to raise billions of dollars in new revenue.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 11, 2020

Food insecurity on the rise. New Jersey surpasses 2010’s census self-report rate.