The Right Rx for NJ: National Health Care Reform

By Raymond J. Castro

It is important for New Jerseyans to understand what is going on in Congress to reform health care. Unfortunately, the debate on this issue has often centered on the concerns raised by interest groups that have a political agenda or a major financial stake in the health industry which now represents about one sixth of the nation’s economy. What is lost in this debate is how health reform will affect typical working Americans.

Some Key Findings

  • National health reform is critical to New Jersey’s pubic health and its economy; it is more urgently needed in New Jersey than in most states
  • Total health expenditures in New Jersey are increasing at twice the inflation rate which is taking a major toll on family, business and government finances.
  • These high medical costs are one of the main reasons why a public insurance option is so important to New Jersey.
  • The bill would cause the number of uninsured New Jerseyans to decrease by an estimated 1 million
  • The bill would help New Jersey state government which would receive more federal funds than most states

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