It’s Time for New Jersey to Rebalance the Economic-Development Scales

Ten key reforms would start to tame out-of-control corporate tax breaks in the Garden State.

Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 by 2024 Would Boost the Pay of 1.2 Million New Jerseyans

The wage increase would help a diverse group of workers who aren’t paid enough to make ends meet, improving their chances of getting by – and, often, providing for their families – in high-cost New Jersey.

Boosting Families, Boosting the Economy: How to Improve New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Program

This trailblazing program is falling short of its potential, with serious repercussions for New Jersey’s families and its economy.

MacArthur Amendment to American Health Care Act Would Cause Even More Harm to New Jersey

It retains all the worst elements of the original plan and sharply reduces protections for pre-existing conditions and other health benefits.