The Home Rule: Pump Primers for Immigration Policy

From Blue Jersey, February 24, 2016:

A new report confirms that New Jersey is a leader in state and local tax contributions by undocumented immigrants, dispelling – once again – the notion that undocumented immigrants place a burden on the economy.

The report, published this week by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, shows that undocumented immigrants contribute more than $590 million to the state’s economy, placing New Jersey in the top five states when it comes to local tax payments from undocumented immigrants.

The report also finds that the state’s undocumented immigrant population contributes $274 million in property taxes, $267 million in sales and excise taxes and $49 million in personal income taxes.

Erika Nava, a policy analyst for New Jersey Policy Perspective, told Politico that the state must act quickly on immigration reform policies, including allowing immigrants to drive legally and providing undocumented students access to state financial aid. These measures, she said, would result in increased revenue collection.

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