Report: New Jersey Losing Ground on Energy Efficiency

From NJ Biz, December 4, 2012:

Purported raids of the state’s clean energy fund and unclear policy goals have left New Jersey lagging behind neighboring states in energy efficiency, a regional advocacy group contends in a new report.

The study by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships says the state was an early leader in energy efficiency, but has “suffered greatly” over the past two years, preventing New Jersey from realizing the level of savings called for in earlier energy master plans.

The report’s findings are not surprising, NJPP’s Jon Whiten tells NJ Biz.

“This report confirms the trend we’ve seen over the past few years here: New Jersey has gone from clean energy hero to zero,” he says. “New Jerseyans are increasingly seeing the negative consequences of climate change, an enormous problem whose solution requires government action on multiple fronts.”

Whiten adds that New Jersey is using clean energy funds “as a political football to shore up state budgets built on increasingly shaky foundations,” rather than energy-related jobs.

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