New Jersey Coalition Asks Not to Tie Gas Tax Increase to Estate Tax Cut

From State Tax Today, October 22, 2015 (subscription required):

If New Jersey lawmakers raise the motor fuels tax to help shore up the state’s dwindling transportation fund, they should offset its impact to low-income working families with an increase in the earned income tax credit, a coalition of small-business owners said October 21.

The coalition — the New Jersey Main Street Alliance — held a conference call October 21 urging lawmakers to reject a proposed deal that would tie a gas tax increase to a reduction or elimination of the estate and inheritance tax. An increase to the 14.5-cent-per-gallon motor fuels tax should be accompanied by an increase in the EITC instead, the coalition said.

“We are in a very bad place,” said Gordon MacInnes of New Jersey Policy Perspective. “The idea that someone is seriously proposing to further disrupt this [transportation-funding] problem by cutting estate and inheritance taxes is nonsensical, and it’s financial madness.”