Jersey City to Offer Goya Foods 20-year Tax Break on Headquarters it Plans to Build in Meadows

From the Jersey Journal, Tuesday October 25, 2011:

Jersey City is hoping to offer Goya Foods a 20-year tax break in what city officials say is an enticement for the Spanish food giant to move its headquarters from nearby Secaucus. The company has already been awarded an $80 million tax break from the state to relocate to Jersey City.

Pointing to a blog post by NJPP policy analyst Sarah Stecker, NJPP president Deborah Howlett tells the Journal that despite all the promises of job creation, the tax break the state is offering Goya will result in the creation of only nine truly new jobs.

“There are a lot of ways to create nine jobs that don’t involve spending $80 million or more dollars,” she said. “At its essence the state policy is choosing corporations over people.”