Christie Challenged by New Jersey Minimum-Wage Increase Democrats Propose

From Bloomberg News, February 23, 2012:

New Jersey Democrats, less than a week after Republican Governor Chris Christie vetoed their bill to make same-sex marriage legal, are pushing another priority, a higher minimum wage.

New Jersey would join at least eight U.S. states raising the minimum hourly wage for most workers this year. A bill set for a legislative hearing today would boost the rate to $8.50 an hour from $7.25 beginning in July, and starting next year would tie future increases to U.S. Consumer Price Index changes.

While some business groups in New Jersey have come out against the wage increase, NJPP’s Jon Whiten tells Bloomberg that he thinks they should follow the lead of business titans across the Hudson, like New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who supports a similar increase in his state.

“It’s actually good for the broader economic climate to ensure a basic standard of living for those who are working hard,” Whiten says.

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