Health Care

Defending Reproductive Rights in New Jersey by Improving Access to Health Care for All

To read a PDF version of this report, click here. Access to safe, accessible, and medically competent reproductive health care […]

New Jersey’s Individual Market Premiums to be Among the Lowest in the Nation

New Jersey’s response to the Trump administration’s Affordable Care Act sabotage is starting to pay off with lower premiums for middle-class families.

Impact of Threats to Health Care by Congressional District

Impact of threats to health programs, by congressional district.

Congressional Threats to Health Programs Could Harm Millions of New Jerseyans

The number one issue for voters, both Democrats and Republicans, is health care. Here’s what’s at stake in the midterms.

Trump’s ACA Sabotage: Bad Medicine for New Jersey

Eighteen ways the Trump administration has undermined the Affordable Care Act.