Economic Opportunity

Fact Sheet: Strengthen and Expand New Jersey’s Earned Sick Days Law

Expanding New Jersey’s Earned Sick Days law will help meet workers’ needs during the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

New Jersey’s Shrinking Pool of Teacher Candidates

The dwindling number of teacher candidates creates instability in the teaching profession and threatens the future of public eduaction.

COVID-19 Unemployment Claims Will Soon Surpass Total Claims from the Great Recession

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented spike in unemployment insurance claims.

Undocumented Workers in Service Sector Most Likely to be Harmed by COVID-19

Immigrant workers make up a disproportionate segment of New Jersey’s service sector workforce.

New Jersey Must Expand Paid Sick Days During Coronavirus Outbreak

Expanding New Jersey’s paid sick days law would support workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19.