NJPP: Budget Bill is a Mockery of the Legislative Process

Earlier today, the New Jersey Legislature released its three-month supplemental spending bill proposal, which relies solely on budget cuts to close New Jersey’s revenue shortfall. The last-minute proposal, released this morning and voted out of the Assembly Budget Committee this afternoon, leaves little room for public input or scrutiny. In response to the spending bill, New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) releases the following statement.

Brandon McKoy, President, NJPP:

“This budget was written in secrecy with zero public hearings, zero opportunities for public comment, and little time for reporters, advocates, or even lawmakers to actually read and fully understand the bill before it was voted on. The budget document itself is unclear and begs more questions than it answers, as it fails to communicate the scale of cuts that are being made. This is a mockery of the democratic and legislative process — one we have all become far too comfortable with  — and completely shut out the families harmed most by the pandemic who will now bear the brunt of budget cuts that could have been avoided. Until this deeply flawed process changes, it’s impossible to expect equitable outcomes. The people of New Jersey need and deserve better.”

New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) is a nonpartisan think tank that drives policy change to advance economic, social, and racial justice through evidence-based, independent research, analysis, and advocacy.

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