Video: NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes Suggests Fixing the Garden State’s Tipped Minimum Wage

Yesterday New Jersey Policy Perspective president Gordon MacInnes appeared on NJTV News to call for increasing the minimum wage for New Jersey’s tipped workers. In the segment, which provided an overview of our new report’s main findings, MacInnes made suggestions to fix New Jersey’s inadequate subminimum wage for tipped workers.

“[New Jersey should] get rid of the special law that affects only tipped workers. Make sure everyone who works makes at least $8.25,” he said. “We’re not talking about $20 per hour, or $15 per hour. We’re talking about $8.25. Nobody should be working in New Jersey for less.”

While lobbyists for the restaurant industry disagreed on camera, the diners interviewed by NJTV resoundingly agreed.

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