Video: NJPP's Gordon MacInnes Discusses Unemployment Benefits in Two NJTV Segments

NJPP president Gordon MacInnes appeared twice on NJTV News with Mike Schneider last week to discuss the expiration of emergency federal unemployment benefits and the disproportionate impact it will have on New Jersey’s out-of-work residents and the state’s economy.

First up, he appeared as part of a news segment on December 27, noting that the loss of the benefits will hit struggling families hard.

“For most of these families they are barely surviving on a what in New Jersey is a very modest weekly payment by way of federal benefits and now that will be gone, and with it their capacity to hold onto apartment, house to heat it, to feed their family properly,” he said.

Then he dropped by the studio on December 30 to discuss the issue in a sit-down interview with guest host Jack Ford, arguing against the myth that the emergency unemployment benefits are allowing people to just sit back and not look for employment.

“People are looking for jobs. They don’t want to be unemployed,” MacInnes said. “The benefits for a family in New Jersey aren’t great enough to justify not looking for work.”

In the same sit-down interview, he discussed the pending Jan. 1 increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage and how it will benefit the state’s low-wage workers.

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