Some Key Numbers Behind the June Jobs Numbers

Jobs numbers for June were released this week; here’s a quick look at some key numbers in the data.

8.7: New Jersey’s unemployment rate. That’s 1.1 percentage points higher than the national rate of 7.6 percent.

jobs rates us nj june 2013

6: The rate of 8.7 percent is the sixth highest of the 50 states.

4,600: The total number of New Jersey jobs added in June.

3,500: The number of jobs gained in the leisure and hospitality sector.

55: Percent of jobs lost during the recession that New Jersey has since recovered. New York has recovered 136 percent; Pennsylvania, 79 percent; the nation as a whole, 75 percent.

304,200: New Jersey’s jobs deficit. This is the number of jobs New Jersey needs to create to get back to pre-Recession levels and keep up with population growth. That’s 7.7 percent of the state’s current number of jobs. The deficit in New York is 144,900 (1.6 percent of that state’s current jobs level); in Pennsylvania it’s 257,500 (4.5 percent); in the entire U.S. it’s 9,461,400 (7 percent).

June 2013 Jobs Deficit

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