NJPP is Fighting for Progress in Gubernatorial Transition

New Jersey Policy Perspective is well-represented as the gubernatorial transition process unfolds in Trenton, with four staff members and five board members officially taking part.

Staff appointments:

  • Gordon MacInnes, NJPP President, Serving on Stronger and Fairer Economy Transition Committee
  • Jon Whiten, NJPP Vice President, Serving on Budget Transition Committee
  • Jackie Cornell, NJPP Director of Development & External Affairs, Serving on Healthcare Transition Committee
  • Brandon McKoy, NJPP Policy Analyst, Serving as Deputy Director of Urban and Regional Growth Committee

Board appointments:

  • Henry Coleman, Serving as Budget Committee Co-Chair
  • Dan Fatton, Serving onEnvironment and Energy Committee
  • Heather Howard, Serving as Healthcare Committee Co-Chair
  • Amy Mansue, Serving as Budget Committee Co-Chair
  • Marcia Marley, Serving on Stronger and Fairer Economy Transition Committee

Of course, NJPP’s work to drive a policy agenda for New Jersey’s working families in 2018 and beyond didn’t begin with the official transition. We’ve been working for months to advance a proactive vision for  stronger, fairer, healthier state: Check out our Blueprint here.