Interactive Map: What's Your County's Unemployment Rate?

In June, New Jersey’s unemployment rate jumped to 9.6 percent, the highest its been since July 2010. While the statewide rate is now the fourth highest in the nation, much of New Jersey is suffering under even higher rates, as county-by-county June rates released today by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development show.

Almost all of South Jersey’s counties have double-digit unemployment rates, with Cumberland County having the highest in the state (14 percent), while Northwest Jersey is generally faring the best (Hunterdon County has the lowest rate at 7.7 percent).

Click on a county in the map below to see its June 2012 unemployment rate.

Blue Counties: Under 9%
Green Counties: Between 9% and 10%
Yellow Counties: Between 10% and 11%
Red Counties: 11% and above

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