2017 in Review: NJPP’s 10 Most Popular Posts of the Year

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at the 10 most visited reports, briefs or blog posts we published this year, in order of traffic volume. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

1. Report: Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey (February 2017)

2. Report: The ‘American Health Care Act’ Would Cause Nearly Half a Million New Jerseyans to Lose Health Coverage (March 2017)

3. Press Release: GOP-Trump Tax Plan Hits Many New Jerseyans Hard, Rewards State’s Millionaires (October 2017)

4. Blog: Governor’s Modest Budget Vetoes Fall on Most Vulnerable (July 2017)

5. Report: MacArthur Amendment to American Health Care Act Would Cause Even More Harm to New Jersey (April 2017)

6. Report: Blueprint for Economic Justice & Shared Prosperity (March 2017)

7. Report: Fast Facts: New Jersey Third Hardest Hit State Under House Tax Proposal (November 2017)

8. Report: House-Passed Health Bill Would End Coverage for More Than Half a Million New Jerseyans (June 2017)

9. Report: Boosting Families, Boosting the Economy: How to Improve New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Program (April 2017)

10. Report: It’s Time for New Jersey to Rebalance the Economic-Development Scales (May 2017)