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Commentary: Tax Reform Takes More Than Baby Steps

What three-letter word ending in “x” scares some people and inhibits others so much that frank talk about it is out of the question?

If you think the answer is “s-e-x,” which solar system have you been living in? For better or worse, nothing is held back about sex today. But “t-a-x” — that’s a different story. What a commentary on our times: the President’s sex life is all over the front page and the evening news, but meaningful discussion of how to bring justice to New Jersey’s archaic tax system is relegated to whispers.

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Price Tag More Than $300 Million in Year 10

Commentary: Now, That's Rich

Walk through the center of a big city and you see them. They’re not hard to spot: the way they dress, and that look in their eyes — like they feel you owe them something.

I know that some aren’t personally responsible for their economic situation. There are circumstances beyond their control. Family stuff, that sort of thing. Still, don’t you sometimes wish they would all go off someplace where we wouldn’t have to look at them?

I mean, who wants to be constantly reminded of the polarization in our society? There will always be winners and losers; the free enterprise system, just works that way.

No matter what, the rich will always be with us.

And, doggone it, they’ve got an awful lot going for them.

Commentary: This is the Age of the Ripoff

“This is the age of the ripoff…”

Joseph P. Merlino’s words rang out with the timbre of the times:

“…We see Nixon’s tax ripoff, the oil companies’ price ripoff, money lenders’ interest rate ripoff, and ripoffs everywhere. We see huge corporations hiring armies of lawyer-mercenaries, at work every day probing the law, testing the law to see what new benefits they can rip off for their bosses. And the public’s interest is defended, only haphazardly, by individuals and associations whose willingness to stand up for everybody else deserves our admiration.”

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