Gordon MacInnes

macinnes for website 200x200Gordon MacInnes, President, is the chief executive of NJPP, leading the organization’s efforts to advance economic justice and shared prosperity in the Garden State. He is also a member of the organization’s Board of Trustees.

Gordon’s research interests include: state finances, sound investments in economic assets, education and immigration.

Before joining NJPP in April 2012, Gordon had a long track record of success in New Jersey’s worlds of policy, nonprofits and politics. He has served in both the Assembly and the Senate; led New Jersey Network, the Fund for New Jersey and Citizens for Better Schools; and served as assistant education commissioner from 2002 to 2007. He was a long-time fellow at The Century Foundation.

Gordon, a graduate of Occidental College and of the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, is also a trustee of Occidental College and a former member of the Rutgers Board of Governors.

Email: gordon (at) njpp.org | Phone: 609-393-1145 ext. 18


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