Health Care

Time For Affordability

Surprise out-of-network medical bills contribute to New Jersey’s health care affordability problem. It’s time for reform.

New Jersey Consumers Suffer Defeat from Tabling of Landmark Health Bill

In its last scheduled meeting of the session, the Senate Commerce Committee tabled a landmark bill that would have prohibited surprise medical billing, reduced cost sharing and promoted much greater transparency.

Census Data: Affordable Care Act Helping New Jerseyans Obtain Health Coverage

The Affordable Care Act has been remarkably successful in increasing the number of New Jerseyans with health insurance, data from the U.S. Census Bureau released today shows.

Candidate Christie’s Medicaid Proposal: The Wrong Prescription for New Jersey

Proposal would harm New Jersey’s budget, its low-income residents and its economy while reversing the progress the state has made in recent years thanks to the Medicaid expansion.


Governor’s Medicaid Proposal Would Shift Costs to New Jersey Taxpayers and Health Care Providers

A proposal by Gov. Christie to sharply limit federal health care funding under Medicaid would come at a great price to New Jersey’s taxpayers and hit the state’s economy hard with the loss of thousands of jobs.