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Maryland: Beware of Advice from New Jersey

If you’re hoping that your new governor will nurture the assets that make Maryland great, chart a course of sound financial policy and give a boost to your neighbors who struggle to get by, you better hope he puts that famous Garden State governor on his do-not-call list.

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Favored Tax Cuts Would Make New Jersey’s System More Backward

The proposed tax changes hinted at in the State of the State would greatly favor those who already pay the lowest share of their income in state and local taxes.

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New Jersey’s Transportation Emergency Demands an End to Political Game-Playing

Now a new threat emerges. Republican leaders have been making the case that, if New Jersey needs a gas tax increase – which they don’t deny – then the state should make such a hike part of more comprehensive “tax reform,” which sounds like a great idea, but is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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A Year Into Business Tax Subsidy Overhaul, the Need for Reform Has Never Been Clearer

The floodgates have opened in the year since New Jersey began accepting applications for business tax subsidies under a new law that overhauled the state’s subsidy offerings. One year’s experience clearly shows the need to build in new protections for other taxpayers, who are footing the bill.

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New Jersey Should License Undocumented Residents to Drive Legally

Just because the federal government has failed to fix the broken immigration system, there is no reason for New Jersey to stand idly by and wait.

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New Jersey’s Upside-Down Tax System: The Lower Your Income, The More You Pay

Low-income and middle-class New Jerseyans pay more of their incomes to state and local taxes than wealthy residents.

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Nearly 200,000 Low-Wage New Jersey Workers Will Ring in New Year With Modest Pay Bump

On January 1, 2015, New Jersey’s minimum wage will rise to $8.38 per hour, giving approximately 176,000 Garden State workers a slight pay increase in the new year.

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Setting the Record Straight: How Generous Are New Jersey’s Public Pension Benefits?

The Christie administration and other New Jersey leaders are right: The state is facing a significant pension system problem. But those who blame overly generous benefits for these woes are far off base, according to an analysis of the largest 100 public pension plans in the country released today.

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Long-Term Unemployment Stubbornly High in New Jersey Years After Recession’s Official End

More than five years after the official end of the Great Recession, long-term unemployment remains at historically high levels in New Jersey.

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Ending Defined Benefit Plans Would Worsen New Jersey’s Pension Debt

Moving new employees out of defined benefit pension plans and into 401(k)-type retirement accounts would not reduce New Jersey’s crushing pension debt and could cost taxpayers $42 billion for the transition, according to a study released today by New Jersey Policy Perspective and the Pennsylvania-based Keystone Research Center.

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