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New Jersey Should License Undocumented Residents to Drive Legally

Just because the federal government has failed to fix the broken immigration system, there is no reason for New Jersey to stand idly by and wait.

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Will New Jersey Finally Fix its Transportation Funding Crisis?

Legislative leaders, a new business/labor coalition, the newly confirmed transportation commissioner and even the governor agree that the Fund needs more money, and soon. While that’s a good starting point, it disguises the test for all involved: Will they step up big and provide sufficient, steady funding, or will they try to buy a few years and just deepen the hole for others to fill in later?

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Don’t Be So Quick to Pull the Plug on New Jersey’s So-Called ‘Death Taxes’

New Jersey has dug its own hole by two decades of financially imprudent actions. The last thing we need is to deepen the hole by eliminating important taxes that serve an important purpose.

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New Jersey Needs More Evaluation of its Business Tax Incentives

As the state doubles down on these tax breaks, it must also increase the level of scrutiny it applies to them.

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How to Keep New Jersey From Becoming a Failed State

New Jersey is in danger of becoming a failed state. Not in the same way as Somalia and other truly desperate places, but compared to its peers in America, New Jersey is sliding toward failure, with statistic after harrowing statistic to prove it.

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Long-Term Unemployment Stubbornly High in New Jersey Years After Recession’s Official End

More than five years after the official end of the Great Recession, long-term unemployment remains at historically high levels in New Jersey.

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Ending Defined Benefit Plans Would Worsen New Jersey’s Pension Debt

Moving new employees out of defined benefit pension plans and into 401(k)-type retirement accounts would not reduce New Jersey’s crushing pension debt and could cost taxpayers $42 billion for the transition, according to a study released today by New Jersey Policy Perspective and the Pennsylvania-based Keystone Research Center.

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It’s Time to Allow New Jersey’s Undocumented Residents to Drive Legally

Allowing all residents the opportunity to drive legally would make New Jersey safer, help its economy and increase the well being of many families, policy analysts and immigrant-rights advocates said today on a conference call with reporters.

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What Recovery? Poverty in New Jersey Continues to Rise

While some gains have been made over the past several years, the “Jersey Comeback” announced years ago has stalled out, stunting the opportunities for the vast majority of working New Jerseyans. The state still suffers from rising levels of deep poverty, increasing income inequality and a struggling economy – even as these metrics are improving for most of the nation.

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New Jersey’s Food Stamp Failure: Hundreds of Thousands of Struggling New Jerseyans Losing Nutritional Benefits

New Jersey’s inadequate support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is resulting in the delay or the denial of critical food benefits to hundreds of thousands of struggling New Jerseyans and the potential loss of up to $500 million in federal funds annually.

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