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Low Taxes Don’t Build Strong Economies

In the lead-up to Tuesday’s tax filing deadline, there was the usual whirlwind of commentary and assertions, some of it factual, but much of it fictional. In New Jersey, most of the discourse invariably ends up focusing on the myth that the single biggest problem facing our state’s economy is high tax rates.

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How to Avoid Food Stamp Cuts to 160,000 New Jersey Households

New Jersey has the opportunity to generate a substantial return on an investment while ensuring tens of thousands of residents keep important nutritional benefits — but only if the governor acts quickly. Will he follow the lead of his colleagues in Pennsylvania and New York and at least three other states, or will he allow a golden opportunity to pass New Jersey by?

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The Teachable Moment the Governor Failed to Seize in His Budget Address

In the governor’s budget message this week, he rightly backed away from two reckless proposals that would have done even further damage to New Jersey’s economy, but he missed a clear opportunity to connect the major themes in his speech to a larger teachable moment about the state’s fiscal health.

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New Jersey’s Budget a Victim of State’s Economic Malaise

As they begin to craft their budgets, about half the states are facing an enviable problem this year: how to spend an unexpectedly large surplus. Tax collections are finally rebounding after the recession, as employment and economic activity have picked up in those states.

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New Jersey Colleges Should Do More to Publicize Tuition Equality

Though Gov. Christie signed legislation extending in-state tuition rates at public universities and colleges to undocumented students about two months ago, many of New Jersey’s colleges and universities have been slow to make potential students aware of the new law.

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Many Profitable Corporations Pay Little State Income Tax – Here’s How New Jersey Can Help Fix That

New Jersey’s policymakers should adopt two simple reforms that would make the corporate tax more sensible, transparent, and productive: first, establish a floor on corporate taxes paid below which a company would be ineligible for state tax incentives; and adopt “combined reporting” to prevent businesses from shifting profits out-of-state in efforts to reduce taxable profits.

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New Jersey Has Highest Unemployment Rate for Veterans

New Jersey’s veterans had an unemployment rate of 10.8 percent in 2013, the highest of all 50 states.

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President Obama’s Tax Credit Proposals Would Help Over 750,000 New Jerseyans

President Obama’s budget includes several important improvements to the pro-work Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) that would impact more than 750,000 low-wage New Jersey workers. The tax-credit changes would reduce poverty among low-wage workers and their families, reduce income inequality, strengthen work incentives and give a boost to New Jersey’s economy.

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Income Inequality in New Jersey: Gap Between Top 1 Percent and the Rest of the State is Large and Growing

New Jersey has experienced widening income inequality in recent decades, a trend that has accelerated tremendously in the past few years, according to a new 50-state report published by the Economic Policy Institute’s Economic Analysis and Research Network.

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New Jersey Third-Worst State on Long-Term Budget Planning

New Jersey should improve on its low score by adopting a set of proven budget-planning tools that that could help it weather difficult economic times, build an attractive business climate and make government more effective and efficient.

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