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Issue Brief: New Jersey’s Inadequate Support of SNAP Causing Needless Hunger

Evidence is mounting that New Jersey’s inadequate support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) is resulting in the delay or the denial of critical food benefits to hundreds of thousands of struggling New Jerseyans and the potential loss of up to $500 million in federal funds annually.

More Good Health News For New Jerseyans: A Historic Drop In the Uninsured

Just 13.2 percent of New Jerseyans were without health insurance in early March, down from 21.2 percent in September 2013. If the trend continues at this pace, New Jersey will have its smallest share of uninsured residents since 1990 later this year.

Op-Ed: Four Reasons New Jersey Should Maintain its ‘Heat and Eat’ Program

For an administration pledged to address the needs of our “most vulnerable” residents, this should be an easy (and quick) choice.

NJPP Statement on New Affordable Care Act Enrollment Data

In all, a total of 264,000 New Jerseyans selected Marketplace plans and enrolled in NJ FamilyCare compared to the total enrollment goal of 185,000. New Jersey is on the fast track to reduce the number of residents without health insurance – and that will benefit everyone.

Ponying Up $3.2 Million in Heating Assistance to Preserve $172 Million in Nutritional Benefits is a No-Brainer

Congress has approved legislation that would allow about 160,000 struggling working New Jersey households the opportunity to continue to receive about $172 million in SNAP (food stamps) benefits annually if the state will put up a mere $3.2 million to help with heating bills. That is a guaranteed payoff of 54:1, which would make any Wall Street broker green with envy.

Op-Ed: How to Avoid Food Stamp Cuts to 160,000 New Jersey Households

New Jersey has the opportunity to generate a substantial return on an investment while ensuring tens of thousands of residents keep important nutritional benefits — but only if the governor acts quickly. Will he follow the lead of his colleagues in Pennsylvania and New York and at least three other states, or will he allow a golden opportunity to pass New Jersey by?

The Governor’s Budget Falls Short on Medicaid

There’s certainly some good news in the governor’s budget when it comes to Medicaid, but it unfortunately does not address a major problem that could be avoided.

New Jersey Enrollment Goals for NJ FamilyCare and Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

What does ‘success’ look like for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in New Jersey? Today, New Jersey Policy Perspective, in cooperation with the Rutgers Center on State Health Policy quantified the answer to this question by announcing detailed goals for ACA enrollment, which are being supported by a grassroots campaign organized by the NJ for Health Care Coalition.

NJPP Statement on State’s Request on $7.6 Million Health Care Grant

New Jersey’s request to the federal government regarding potential uses of a $7.6 million federal planning grant is disingenuous at best and ignores the real needs of the 900,000 New Jerseyans who lack health insurance.

NJPP Testimony: New Jersey Should Seize ACA Opportunity & Tap Federal Funds for Outreach

The Affordable Care Act presents a great opportunity – but it is only an opportunity; without adequate outreach the real promise of this legislation will not be achieved.

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